From leak repairs to thorough analysis and reports,
All American Roofing brings experience and expertise to finding the best solution for your industrial roofing needs.
We have been designing roofing solutions for industrial facilities for more than 10 years.
Nearly 50% of all reported “roof leaks” are not actually caused by a problem with the roofing system.
Other building components such as HVAC equipment and masonry walls have water-proofing issues that can create leaks and damage.
These problems are sometimes misdiagnosed by the service personnel who conclude that roof replacement is needed.
All American Roofing utilizes water testing procedures that pinpoint the source of the problem.
After thoroughly investigating the problem, options for repair or replacement will be recommended to the building owner.

Industrial roof systems are used for more than just protection from water, heat, cold and wind.
Roof mounted equipment is often an important part of the equation, and can introduce corrosive elements onto the surface of the roof.
Damaging roof ponds can also be created by the accumulation of debris around roof drains.
All American Roofing can install tapered sumps and storm sewer drain systems to help prevent these problems.
Industrial Roofing Service in Los Angeles